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A Brief Timeline Of American Aviation July 3, 2017

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1903: Orville and Wilbur Wright make first powered, controlled flight in a flying machine. The Wright brothers’ achievement would change the development of aviation and kick start the 20th century. From this moment forward aviation turns a corner, and things begin to move forward in ways that many had not thought possible.


1911: Aircrafts are being used for warfare internationally. Aviators were styled as modern-day knights, doing individual combat with their enemies. Several pilots became famous for their air-to-air combat; showing their flying prowess as a real asset in war.

1932: Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. All we’ve got to say about this is: get it, girl. She showed the world what women are capable of; challenging the mindset of a male lead field and expectations of what women of that time could do.

1933: The first modern plane, the Boeing 247, takes flight for the first time. At the time it was the fastest transport around, with a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. The twin-engine ten passenger plane ushered in a new era of air travel.

1942: World War II introduces another element of aircraft use. the world’s first operational jet aircraft, Not only airplanes, but also helicopters saw rapid development in the Second World War

1958: NASA is established. The goal of reaching the moon is established by President John F. Kennedy a few years later.

1961: Sky is no longer the limit. The United States responded by launching Alan Shepard into space on a suborbital flight in a Mercury space capsule. He had a lot of competition, and realized that he needed to step up his game to bring forward bigger success in his challenge to take on aerospace. In that realization he stopped drinking, smoking, took up jogging and more… looks like it paid off!

1979: The Gossamer Albatross (The Gossamer Albatross is a human-powered aircraft built by American aeronautical engineer Dr. Paul B. MacCready’s company AeroVironment) became the first human powered aircraft to cross the English channel. This achievement finally saw the realization of centuries of dreams of human flight.

1986: Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager flew an aircraft, the Rutan Voyager, around the world without re-fueling and without landing. The aircraft was first imagined by Jeana Yeager, Dick Rutan, and Dick’s brother Burt Rutan as they were at lunch in 1981. The initial idea was first sketched out on the back of a napkin.

american aviation

Aviation has come a long way in many different applications, from war games to passenger luxury. America has been on the edge of aviation development since the beginning, bringing forward changes and ideas that have pushed planes to fly to the heights they do today.


Easy Ways To Train Smarter & Get Better Gains June 19, 2017

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Making gains as a woman can be hard… the odds are stacked against us. Just, here this out: women can do anything they want, and have the right to be bold and push forward and break glass ceilings. But when it comes to fitness and raw brut strength men have something that keep them ahead of the curve: testosterone. It doesn’t make them better, it makes it easier for them to make gains.

Therefore women need to make smarter decisions in order to push forward past stuck points and plateaus to continue to make muscle gains of better quality. If you feel stuck we have a few easy ways to train smarter and up your game!


You know what they say: “Abs are made in the kitchen, not at the gym.” This couldn’t be more true. For muscle to show, especially around the ab area it’s all about what you’re putting into your body; if you want to gain inches in muscle it’s all about the materials you’ve given your body to build with. By putting the correct fuel into your system you can create a stable foundation for your body to deliver results.

Protein is essential. Do NOT skimp on the protein input. Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body. They assist with the formation of new molecules by reading the genetic information stored in DNA. Which, is just a fancy way of saying if you want to train your body to preform at a higher level and acclimate to change in muscle mass protein can read that message and send those vibes to your body. Eat meats or fish high in protein daily… even multiple times in a day. If you’re vegetarian turn to high quality whey proteins and try out shakes.

If you’re a calorie counter understand the caloric intake that your body needs to effectively build muscle. For some women (such as ectomorphs) it can be upwards of 3,000 calories! For others (mesomorphs for example) it may be as little as 1,500. Everyone is unique so it’s important to understand how much you need to eat and ensure what you do eat is healthy… don’t eat fried/fatty foods just to ‘eat enough’ that day. Calorie counting isn’t essential but understanding when your over or under eating for your specific body type is. If you don’t eat you won’t gain. Period.

Now that we’ve established how big of a deal food really is in making gains, lets’ move onto the work you have to put in at the gym.

There are two ways that you can tackle your fitness regimen: light weight with lots of reps for tone or heavy weight with few reps for muscle build. If you want to make muscle gains the latter is more beneficial than the former. Start to add weight, don’t be afraid of lifting heavy things as long as you feel they are safe for you to lift.

Recovery isn’t just the latest fad… it’s one of the best ways to get more gains. If you burn through muscle the moment you built it you won’t get anywhere. Give your body time to rest and build muscle during that time.

*Every body is different. We can’t promise results but we can hand out some advice! Good luck, ladies!

7 Ways To Celebrate Graduating May 22, 2017

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Take A Road Trip With Your Friends – You’ve been bogged down by reports, homework, and finals for months. Now it’s time to celebrate your hard-earned freedom. Grab the friends that were on the front lines with you studying night after sleepless night to cram and get through finals. Jump into the car, pack your favorite bathing suit, and run from your stresses. Get on the road and get gone! Spending hours driving can be incredibly cathartic…. especially after hours cramming. Suggestion: The Rocky Mountains have tons of beautiful national parks, hit up a drive through Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

road trio

Treat Yourself To A Graduation Gift – You’re undoubtedly about to embark on a new journey in a new job. Getting into a new position that means keeping track of your life and most importantly your time. That’s why an Abingdon watch is the ideal gift to yourself. With an array of styles there is something that’s sure to match your personal sense of style. Suggestion: Any of our watches. http://www.theabingdonco.com

Watch Gift

Try A New Extreme Sport – You’ve pushed yourself during the entirety of your educational journey. Now that you know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to it’s time to challenge yourself in new ways — and not just by trying to find a job! We mean in ways that get your heart pumping and your mind racing: extreme sports. Pushing yourself to face fears and accomplish new heights (literally) is a great motivator and self-esteem booster. By showing yourself what you’re capable of you’re more likely to not be intimidated in the face of set backs. Suggestions: Sky Diving or Scuba Diving.

sky diving

Catch Some R&R At A New Resort – You deserve some luxury. It’s been weeks of Ramen Noodle and Kool Aid. Dark circles under the eyes and minor hours of sleep. It’s about time for you to sip a tropical drink by the pool all day and do whatever you want — interruption free. Some resorts are all about the part life where as others are oriented around finding a hideout. No matter which one matches your style there will be one that can accommodate you. Whether you want to dance the night away in celebration or sleep for hours on end there are loads of resort options. Suggestions: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico or Golden Buddha, Thailand.


Go On A Trek – Hike to the peek of your success, literally. It’s an obvious but on point metaphor for the journey you just completed. Take a hike up a beautiful mountain to show off what you’ve accomplished in more than one way. There are tons of beautiful mountains that are worth the view. Choose a hike that’s perfect for your skill level. Some are pros and others are just beginners, here are a few we like for any athletic ability. Suggestions: Mount Katahdin, Maine and Whiteface Mountain, New York.


Fitness Retreat – Now that you’ve got your educational sh*t together move onto something that’s probably had to take a huge back seat. Your health regimen! Now is the time to get your body in the shape you’ve always wanted it to be in. Yes, you’ll have a job but it will give you more time to work out than school did. Go to a fitness festival abroad to spike your motivation. Suggestion: Be Fit, London.

Fitness Retreat

A Party With Friends – A classic. Not the most fancy but can turn out to foster some of your favorite memories. Grab a couple mixers, a great playlist, and invite your friends over to your place for a party to celebrate your new found freedom.



5 Gift Ideas For Mom May 11, 2017

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Mother’s Day shopping can be stressful. Let us make it easier for you:

Double Chain Necklace: What if mom isn’t a watch girl? No problem! We have the perfect accessory for her. Dainty necklaces are a great way to show mom you care, when they say you can’t go wrong with jewelry that’s totally true. Our double chain piece is simple enough to go with any outfit but also has unique design elements that you won’t find anywhere else except The Abingdon Co. Each delicate piece is designed and made in New York. Adding an extra flare of exclusivity to this Mother’s Day gift idea.

Elise In Sapphire: Mother one of those girls that marches to the beat of her own drummer? That some may call her own unique kind of special? Someone that’s off the wall in the most endearing of ways? Then we have a watch that will blend right in with her stand-out style. Elise in Sapphire. A statement watch – Elise in Sapphire Blue is a Tri-Time Zone watch with a rich blue plating over softened stainless steel.

Jackie In Sunset Pink: If your mother is a girly girl that loves bling our Jackie is an ideal Mother’s Day gift choice. Jackie in Sunset Pink sports an elegant chronograph timer with a Sunset Pink genuine Mother-of-Pearl face. 64 twinkling cubic zirconia rivets (real diamonds also available) on a classic stainless steel case with rotating bezel. Some sparkle and shine on the wrist is sure to help your mom stand out.


Marina In Pacific Purple: Is your mom an adventurer? Then she’ll love a watch that can go anywhere she goes… even if it’s 660ft under the sea. Our Marina can take some wear and tear. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to match any woman’s personality and unique style. Purple, blue, red and more. Your mom is tough and so is this watch… well, so are all of our watches but you get the point!


CaptureKatherine In Frequent Flyer: Something feminine and stylish but bold. If this sounds like your mother then our Katherine in Frequent Flyer is the ideal watch choice for her. Features include patent-pending ALPHABezel to assist in anything you can use a letter for (One of our girlfriends said she is going to use it to remember the name of people she meets for the first time – clever!). If you have a mother that’s bold she deserves something that can keep time with her daring personality and this is the ideal watch for that task.


The Struggles and Rewards of Being A Small Business Owner April 25, 2017

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ICON Conference is an incredible opportunity for small business owners to convene together to show our strength and use powerful sources to get stronger. There are definitely huge pros and cons to being a business owner / entrepreneur. From the Abingdon experience, here are a few:


  • Flexibility: Ahhhh yes. You can make plans whenever you want to make the plans. You can start your work day early in the morning, mid-afternoon… just whenever! You can meet your friends for brunch. Not pre-work coffee or lunch break lunch. Nope, brunch. Your calendar is your oyster.
  • Freedom: You can work in your pajamas if you want to. No one is going to tell you thats’s terribly inappropriate. You can work from your home office if you want to. You’re not caged down to the traditional rules of the nine to five grind. Which, is the huge appeal for most entrepreneurs and we cannot blame them. It’s nice to feel like you’re not tied down to anyone else’s set of rules.
  • Challenging Growth: You have to have a stomach for growing pains and personal challenges. And, if that’s your M.O. this is perfect. You are faced daily with opportunities to become a better person and a better business woman.
  • Key Decision Maker: There isn’t consulting amongst boards of people, massive teams, or share holders that hold your fate in their hands. You get to be the key decision maker on everything so you know that the fate of your business is totally in your hands.



  • Salary Regularity: Especially in the beginning this can be a struggle. At a traditional job you know when you’re getting paid and how much on a frequent and regular basis. As a entrepreneur / small business owner this isn’t the case at all. You don’t know what sales figures are going to look like. It could be a great month or a month that leaves you in the red. Whatever the case may be, there is a stronger fluctuation in being a business owner than being a businesses employee.
  • TONS of Responsibility: You don’t have a hive of worker bees to do all the little things for you. It’s on you to jump into the weeds and get it all done (or if you have a small team) get most of it done. You have to be willing to get your hands dirty!
  • Competition: Unless you’re in a niche market… and even sometimes in that case, there are tons of other guys on the block that are bigger and have more man power than you. They may even be enterprise level businesses.
  • Your Commitments Are Your Boss: Because you’re the owner it’s all up to you to show up to all of the important events, meetings, and the like. They are your bread and butter for getting the word out. Therefore, they can’t be missed. Which means you might miss some “Girls Night Out” kind of nights. But who cares, your business is worth it.

History’s Top 5 Most Inspirational Female Pilots April 10, 2017

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Women have had a bigger impact on Aviation than they are given credit for, creating pivotal points in the industry that made it the strong field it is today. Often under-cut or placed under shadows women were a part of aviation from the beginning but weren’t often acknowledged for their contributions, here are 5 that made huge contributions and should be acknowledged.

The first, of course, that is the most well-known of women in the industry is Amelia Earhart. Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo. Her journey began in a Lockheed Vega 5B on course for Paris. After this feat, other ambitious accomplishments came to pass; setting altitude records and being the first woman to set sail on her own across the Pacific Ocean.

In 1937 Earhart attempted to make a record journey flying around the world… the journey that sadly gave her the notoriety that not even aviation buffs know. The flight in which she departed for but never returned from. Earhart is fondly remembered for her groundbreaking achievements in aviation for women.


An acclaimed advocate for women flying in the Air Force, Jacqueline Cochran paved the way for women to participate in war efforts in a big way. She personally wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt to allow women to participate, proposing a womens flying division. Her request was granted which resulted in the founding of WASP (Women Air force Service Pilots). She also received a US distinguished service medal for her role after the war.


Bessie Coleman is a big deal for women and African-American women in the world of aviation having been the first African-American female to create a career in aviation. However, though try as she might in the USA to be part of the first world war she was disqualified because of her ethnicity. However, she wasn’t one to give up. She then moved to France where she could complete an advanced course in aviation — making a career out of being an aerial pilot in aerobatic shows.

Unfortunately a fatal accident cut her career short when she was thrown from her aircraft. She will be remembered as the first African American woman to gain an international pilot’s license.


Women are so not given enough credit for their contribution to engineering. Amy Johnson was the first woman in aviation to qualify as an aircraft engineer. She knew the aircraft and it’s instruments inside out… literally! She was also the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia as well as other hallmark flights which added to her claim to fame. During the Second World War, Johnson joined the Air Transport Auxiliary which helped her to remain a prominent figure in male dominated environment.

However, she came to an unfortunate fate when her plane crashed during a flight in bad weather conditions across the sea in 1941.


Harriet Quimby has a lasting legacy despite her death at the age of 37 having been thrown from her aircraft. She had several accomplishments in her lifetime including being the first woman to be granted pilots license by the Aero Club of America, being the first woman to fly across the English Channel in 59 minutes, and many other milestones that set her career in flight.


Land-Locked Places You Can Scuba Dive March 27, 2017

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Love to scuba dive but don’t have quick access to the sea to make it happen? That’s OK! You might be lucky enough to near one of the few diving locations that are land-locked. That’s right, even those who are land-locked may have the opportunity to enjoy a world under the water. Though it may not be an identical experience to the ocean, you can still enjoy the splendor of aquatic life and scenery.

Below is a list of five of our recommended spots for every kind of diver out there, whether you love unique cave experiences or freshwater lakes we have something that you are sure to put on your scuba to-do list:

Homestead Crater, Midway. Utah – The Crater is a geothermal spring, hidden within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock. The formation occurred due to melting snow on the Wasatch Mountains soaking deep within the earth. The crater is two miles beneath the earth which keeps the water heated. The hole at the top of the dome lets in sunlight and fresh air while the interior stays heated by the mineral water at a constant range of 90 – 96 degrees Fahrenheit. A favorite amongst the locals, this crater is perfect for a mini tropical escape in a desert locked in dry land.


Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, N.M. – Blue Hole appears in the midst of the desert like a great blue gem. ( Agua Negra Chiquita) Once known as Blue Lake, it is one of seven sister lakes connected underground by a vast system of water. This is a crown jewel of the surrounding towns, serving as an Oasis amongst the red rock. They offer open water and advanced training for those who want a taste of the sea but can’t get out of their land-lock to get there.


Summersville Lake, West Virginia – Small town shop with big water offerings. Diving is offered by a cute little shop; they offer diving in the cleanest, clearest lake their side of the Mississippi. Called “The Little Bahamas Of The East” by locals this is where you can go to get away if you’re in this neck of the woods. Located in a woody area you’ll forget where you are if you just take a dive under the mini breaks of this clear lake; The lake was constructed between 1960 and 1966 by the USA Corps of Engineers in order to control flooding. Who knew a flooding precaution could create such a beautiful and unique oasis?


Bonne Terre Mine, Bonne Terre, MO – Quite possibly the most unique on our list is the submerged mine which allows you to explore an old mine with a ton of history… underwater. Water conditions remain consistent with over 100 foot visibility with incredible sights including: mammoth architecture which is guaranteed year round diving conditions. A full service experience this relaxing dive is for sure going be one for the land-locked bucket list. Located in the rolling hills of the Ozark mountains you’ll be sure to love this retreat.


Lake Mead, Las Vegas, NV & Mandalay Bay Resort – Love luxe? Then simply take advantage of the luxury of diving in the most famous desert in the country. Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Feed sharks, view 360 degrees of tropical fish and dive in crystal clear water. Their aquarium has over 20,000 animals, making for a truly luxurious tropical experience. Don’t like the outdoors? Well, you’re not technically in them.

If you do wish to actually go outside, however check out lake mead to get away from the chaos of the strip. After you get to Lake Mead Marina, we will set up your equipment, get you situated and whisk you away to any number of areas that are only accessible by boat.


How Helicopters Save Lives March 16, 2017

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The Heli Expo has come and gone, but it was an incredible experience as per the usual. This is where the global helicopter industry gathers to build professionals, networks, and solutions. Together we celebrate helicopters as a united community of pilots and aviation geeks. The Abingdon Co. had a blast and had fun reconnecting with our flight friends.

Helicopters do more than simply tour you around or serve as a solution to get from point A to point B. They save lives in a big way, the perfect example of this is life flight. Life flight was originally proposed by a woman in the aviation industry in the 1960’s, suggesting that helicopters be used to carry those who are severely injured and don’t have the perceived life-span (or are in a precarious position) to make a trip by ambulance to the hospital.Life Flight began with one helicopter, which was built on early technology and carried all the lifesaving equipment that could fit in a single medical bag. The Life Flight aircraft, all painted red, have an average cruising speed of 150 mph, and have the instrumentation for pilots to zip into weather so soupy they can’t see through it. They can get to you when the odds seem impossible. And this is how life flight saves lives.


Next, let’s take a look at the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is made of of dauntless individuals that put their lives on the line to save others. Search and rescue is one of the primary functions they preform and it is with the use of helicopters that saving people can happen when out in the ocean. The Sikorsky MH-60T Jayhawk is a multi-mission, twin-engine, medium-range helicopter is the standard use helicopter for the coast guard and other military branches due to durability. A commissioned vessel is referred to in the Coast Guard as a “Cutter.” The bravery of those in the Coast Guard is another example of how helicopters save lives.


The Evolution Of Women In Aviation February 27, 2017

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Women have always had a rough go of breaking the glass ceiling, and aviation is no different than any other industry — if not a perfect example.  We believe in women feeling empowered to do everything a man can do. Equality, bravery and strength in all things. It took many women who share these qualities to pave the path for others in aviation to follow and build upon in today’s world.

Below is a comprehensive timeline of the women who got today’s fierce girls started.

  • Though it was the Wright brothers to take the first machine-powered flight they didn’t ignore their sister’s contribution to the effort. Katherine Wright knew everything about the working of the machines and flew with her brothers in 1909.
  • Starting 1906, another inventor of aircraft, Emma Lillian Todd began designing her own airplanes. Her first plane flew in 1910 but was piloted but a young Frenchman.
  • The world saw it’s first licensed female pilot, Raymonde de Laroche in 1910. Again the French make strides in Aviation.
  • On October 13, 1910, Bessica Raiche received a gold medal from the Aeronautical Society of New York, recognizing her as the first American woman to make a solo flight.
  • Harriet Quimby became the USA’s first licensed female pilot on August 1, 1911 and the first woman to cross the English Channel by airplane the following year.
  • In 1913 the first female parachutist, Georgia Broadwick, made a jump demonstration for the US Government at the young age of 20. When she retired she had completed over 1,000 jumps.
  • In 1921 the first African American woman to get a license came onto the scene, making female aviation history. Get it, Bessie Coleman! The following year Japan saw their first female pilot as well.
  • In 1929 the first Women’s Air Derby took place in California.
  • FUN FACT: Did you know it was a woman who first proposed the idea of using a plane for life flight? Yes. We’re brilliant. 😉
  • Canadian Elsie MacGill became the first woman to earn a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering in 1929.
  • In 1930 Ellen Church proposes that women should be hostesses on airplanes. She chose the first seven flight attendants who at the time needed to be 115lbs or less, unmarried, and nurses.
  • In 1932 the great Amelia Earhart came on the scene, becoming one of the most revered women in aviation history. The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic she also lead the public to encourage and enable young women to become airplane pilots themselves.
  • In 1936 Hanna Reitsch became the first person to ever operate a fully functional helicopter and went on to be the first to obtain a helicopter license.
  • In 1948 Ada Rogato Brazil’s first licensed female pilot, became the first woman agricultural pilot as well.
  • FUN FACT: In the 1950’s many female aviation organizations were founded and re-activated such as the WASPs, Australia Women’s Pilot Association and Whirley Girls.
  • FUN FACT: the 1960’s is when being a stewardess started to become considered a luxurious and adventurous lifestyle.
  • In 1960 the Women In Space program was funded and women pilots were recruited to test things out for NASA. However women still couldn’t attain the proper degree to meet any requirements for space travel.
  • In 1963, Valentina Tereshkova, an amateur Russian parachute jumper became the first woman in space. In this year Betty Miller also became the first woman to fly solo across the pacific ocean.
  • In 1976 Asli Hassan Abade soloed her first flight as the only female pilot in the Somali Air Force.
  • In 1980, Lynn Rippelmeyer became the first woman to fly a Boeing 747 and a short 4 years later became the first woman to serve as captain on the craft.
  • The Navy saw it’s first woman flight officer in 1981, Mary Crawford.
  • In 1991 The United States Senate decided to life the ban on women entering flying in combat. #GirlsCanFightToo
  • In 1998, M’Lis Ward, the first African American woman became a pilot for a major US airline. (The airline was United.)


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_aviation

Top 10 Most Romantic Getaways February 6, 2017

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Looking to lock-out the world this Valentines Day? Grab your sweetie and get away from the world for a while. Traveling is the perfect way to show them how much you care; spending quality time together. However, some locations are a little more romantic than others. Here is our list of favorites for every couple:

The Adventurers: How would you like to hike an active volcano? Well, that’s what Guatemala has to offer. Couples who really like to live on the edge might want to take the most fearsome path up Volcan Pacaya, the most active volcano in Guatemala, which would be to climb straight up into its mouth. Boasting many awards from National Geographic Guatemala has much to offer for the adventure couple; it’s a journey through the land of the Maya which takes you back in time.

The local culture is vibrant, offering up experiences that love birds will surly never forget. Building experiences together is a beautiful part of creating bonds in a relationship, and Guatemala won’t disappoint.

Smoke swirls around the sulphur-streaked volcano.

The Urban Dwellers: New York. Yes, it sounds generic but if you’re a city person then this is the ultimate city to spend Valentine’s Day. And, this city basically has it all. Looking for a couples massage? You’ll find the best one at Aire Ancient Baths, the Lafayette House is an inner city oasis, and more.


The Luxe Lovers: Amangiri Resort in Utah, talk about seclusion! This resort not only provides a beautiful experience that oozes luxury it also takes advantage of the majesty of the surrounding landscape. Suites are open and pour naturally into the desert terrain, allowing for the sleek modern design to blend into nature instead of disrupt it. If you have a taste for luxury this is the place to be. It’s a suite-only hotel which means every room is a stunner.

The spa, for those with a lust for luxury will possibly the best part. The large desert-view spa focuses on restoring hózhó, which means beauty, harmony, balance and health in Navajo. Should you decide to venture outside there are tons of ways to get out there and get exploring. From horseback rides to kayaking this desert is a real Valentines Day treat.


The Exotic Zealot: Melany Region, northwest Madagascar. You that couple that loves to completely immerse yourself in culture shock? Madagascar is one of the best places to enjoy tropical scenery and exotic wanderlust. A perfect example is The Forest of Knives, it is truly intriguing that wildlife can happily exist amidst razor sharp vertical rocks in this mesmerizing forest. You can hike around the bizarre pinnacles of limestone and observe different kinds of birds and lemurs.

The various options between exotic beaches for romantic sunsets and exotic wildlife is perfectly balance to create an ideal exotic romantic getaway.


The History Buffs: Athens, Greece. For those who love locales that are rich in world history and house historic landmarks this is one of the best possible options. Together you can explore the rich history of ancient Greece, combing through the ruins and many sites and tours to see. Not to mention, the locals are warm and welcoming. You’ll feel the love in this city!

Noteworthy historical sights to see include: The Acropolis, also called the Sacred Rock, Theatre of Herodes Atticus, Ancient Cemetery of Kerameikos, and many more.


Traveling is an opportunity to see who you are as a person, and who you are with your partner. Take advantage of that special opportunity this Valentine’s Day.