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I’m Gay! June 26, 2015

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Wow. What a day for America. It’s hard to know where to begin. Over the last few years I have felt more and more proud of being an American citizen. And I was not born in this country. I am an immigrant. It is my choice to live in this great nation, and today marks another reason to call it great. Regardless of our personal views for or against homosexuality, this country prides itself on the old saying, all men are created equal. It’s the basis of the American dream. We can be born with the most adverse of circumstances and rise up to the top. We can pursue our dreams and nothing can hold us back. We can work hard and we can work smart because anything is attainable. Regardless of how you were born, you have the world at your fingertips in America. 

I understand that the Supreme Court had a lot to weigh when making this decision, and it wasn’t necessarily about our constitutional rights. But as a byproduct of their decision, more Americans today have been made equal. Today is written in the history books much like the day women were allowed to vote and the day blacks were not considered second-class citizens. 

My blog isn’t one to be political, but I do feel that any effort to promote equality of the human species should be celebrated. I’m gay for my country and for the people who’s lives changed today. What a weight off of their shoulders! Taking my personal and religious beliefs out of the equation – because they don’t belong – this nation became better today. I am proud to walk equally among my gay and lesbian friends. As I plan my marriage to the love of my life, I cheer on so many new couples who decide to marry the love of their lives. #LoveWins

Starting the Week Pissed Off September 28, 2014

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Bomb the hell out of sexual harassment, Major.

Bomb the hell out of sexual harassment, Major.

“Boobs on the ground?” WTH? (Rolling my eyes) I’ve been in aviation now for eight years and I’ve been subject to sexual-harassment since I was a student pilot. People are still instinctually thinking that girls don’t fly and that flying is for boys – not all, but many. Though this is obviously not the case, it’s something that is still apparent in today’s America. The silver lining to this dark cloud is that that mentality is not very well accepted.
So what do I do when I’m being questioned about my abilities as a pilot because of my gender? I kill it with kindness and skill. I study harder. I fly more precise. I treat people with respect even when I’m not being treated with respect. I never speak ill of somebody even when they speak about me negatively. Respect is something that is earned and unfortunately as a woman in aviation I have to earn it sometimes double or triple times. But that’s okay if it changes people’s minds about women flying. And yes, I can fly and after I land my aircraft, I can park it just fine, Greg Gutfield. And as for you, Eric Bolling, apology accepted.

Proud to be American Made January 29, 2014

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Abingdon Jewelry made in the USA

Last night, the President gave his State of the Union address to the American people. For those of you who know me and my presence online, I never really discuss politics. I think they’re very personal and everybody has their own beliefs and opinions about our government. One of the things though that I do think is the responsibility of small businesses in America is to manufacture as much as possible in the United States. It not only helps our economy, but it also helps the people that live in this country to stay employed. (more…)

Cessna CEO Retires May 3, 2011

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Best of luck in retirement, Jack!

One of the greats in aviation has stepped down from his throne.  Jack Pelton, who has been with Cessna for 11 years, retired yesterday, May 2nd, and Textron Chairman and CEO, Scott Donnelly will take over in his place.  I don’t know much about Donnelly, but Pelton has always been a strong advocate for aviation – not just as a Cessna representative, but also lobbying in DC and promoting general aviation to everyone.  There will always be a special place in my heart for Cessna as that was what I learned to fly in and what I got my pilot’s certificate in.  In fact, I would venture to guess that over 90% of people who learn to fly have learned in a Cessna.  Best of luck, Jack, you did a great job.

Oxford finds solution to cutting airplane emissions February 9, 2010

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Can we cut emissions down?

For those that live near an airport and for those in the industry, this subject hits home.  Emissions from airplanes and how to cut them down.  When I was training at Santa Monica airport, I had neighbors who continued to blame every malady on airplanes (or so it seemed.  They even started an organization called C.R.A.A.P. which stands for Community Residents Against Airport Pollution).  Maybe they could learn something from the Brits at Oxford University.  A study completed by the Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and Environment says that we can cut down airplane fumes by better management by air traffic control.  It includes more direct flight paths and less waiting to land.  You can read the article here.  Of course England’s flight rules are much different from America’s, but I like the overall message.  Perhaps we can all still fly and make our neighbors happy too.

Obama Honors Historical Women Pilots July 13, 2009

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Almost two weeks ago, on July 1, President Obama signed S.614, a bill to award the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor. The WASP, the first group of women to fly military aircraft for the United States, reported for duty more than three decades before women in the United States were allowed to attend military pilot training with full military status.   An excellent movie about their story is depicted through the film Fly Girls (1999).

“The Women Airforce Service Pilots courageously answered their country’s call in a time of need while blazing a trail for the brave women who have given and continue to give so much in service to this nation since,” Obama said.  “Every American should be grateful for their service, and I am honored to sign this bill to finally give them some of the hard-earned recognition they deserve.”

To release male pilots for combat duty overseas, the 1,102 WASP flew military aircraft in the United States during World War II. Fewer than 300 are alive today; three of those women joined the president in the Oval Office. Five active duty United States Air Force pilots who followed in their footsteps—including Major Nicole Malachowski (very cool lady, might I add), who was instrumental in promoting the bill—were also present for the signing.

These women were truely pioneers for what we have today and I am glad to hear they are getting the recognition they deserve!  I think Jackie Cochran would be proud.  And anyone who puts in the word “WASP” in the checkout when ordering an Abingdon Watch will get free shipping and an extended five year warranty.