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Extreme Sports You Have To Try At Least Once {It’s Time To Be Brave, Ladies!} August 14, 2017

Posted by Abingdon in General Ramblings.

Sky Diving – Go ahead and take the leap. Not only will you love the adrenaline rush, you will be creating a memory that lasts a life time. (Plus the street cred, let’s not forget about the street cred.) Jumping out of a plane is a unique experience you’ll be happy you did. Plus, you’ll have a pro there with you to guide you through your first time.

White Water Rafting – Hanging out in an inflatable raft in unpredictable currents yield some serious team work with the pros and the other people on the raft. So, if you’re a team player this might the an extreme sport that you’ll love. Rafters risk hitting sharp rocks, unexpected steep waterfalls, and being thrown from the raft. Hang on tight!

Ice Climbing – If you like a challenge and live near some frigid temperatures give ice climbing a try. Scaling up massive ice formations either on frozen waterfalls or snow covered mountains can be a huge rush, but please have a pro with you!

Mountain Biking – Riding a bicycle is easy enough… on flat ground, right? Well, when you have uneven terrain and hills with unknown drops it can become a terrifying experience to run the hidden pine trails for the forest. Don’t forget to wear your helmet, forest child.

Cliff Diving – Beach bum with a wild side? You’ll love cliff diving. And we’re not talking about jumping off a big rock at your local swim hole. We’re talking cliffs that get up to 65 feet high. At those heights water can feel like concrete… so there isn’t much room for error. PS. You don’t wear special gear. Just your average swim suit!

Free Climbing – This is where you climb a rock formation without any type assistance beyond your climbing harness. This is something suggested only for experienced climbers. If you happen to fall the only thing that’s going to save you is the safety rope and clips anchored to the rock. If you think there “ain’t no mountain high enough” then this one is for you.

Bungee Jumping – Do you have what it takes to free fall with only a plastic rope fixed to your ankles to break the fall? The answer is yes. If you have what it takes to take the plunge you’ll have a near out of body experience to talk about to your friends… plus an awesome experience you’ll remember for life.



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