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Ultimate List of Scuba Diving Essentials July 17, 2017

Posted by Abingdon in General Ramblings.

It’s getting hot out there! Which means it’s time to start hitting up your favorite summer water activities like scuba diving! Scuba diving isn’t just something you can run out and do… like running. It’s a water adventure that takes preparation, planning, and the proper equipment to have a successful dive. Don’t dive into the life of scuba until you have all the tools you need to have fun under the sea.

Abingdon Dive Watch – This one is a no brainer.

Scuba Style – Find a scuba outfit you really love. Style doesn’t have to stop in the water. If you like how you look it only adds to the fun of the whole experience, and it’s an easy way to personalize your dive. A suit you love and a mask you can call your own. Don’t forget your wet suit shampoo!

Sunblock – Before you get in the sea you have to be out on the boat. Just because you’ll spend time under water don’t underestimate the time that you’ll be spending in the sun. Just remember to protect the sea life and find products that are eco friendly!

Dry Bag – Valuables that aren’t water proof or water resistant and need to be protected will be safe in a good dry bag. They range in size so you can bring a lot or only a few of your most important things. The thick, strong material also adds to the feeling that your belongings are being protected.

Log Book – If you’re an experienced diver or this isn’t your first time then chances are you want to document your adventure. Record the location of your dive, the purpose, the tropical fish and more. Not only is this a great way to remember your trip it’s a great way to calculate your current qualifications or up coming goals to get more.

Regulator – A demand valve supplies air whenever you want to take a breath via the mouthpiece. You will also have a second demand valve – known as an octopus – which you or your buddy can use as an alternative air source. The regulator is attached by a hose to an air cylinder that you wear on your back.

Buoyancy Compensation Device – This is a streamlined jacket connected via an inflator hose to your air cylinder. At the surface, enough air can be injected into the jacket to keep you afloat while, underwater, small amounts of air can be added and adjusted so that you are neither rising or sinking – this is known as neutral buoyancy.

Weight belt/integrated weights – This helps you descend instead of accidentally floating to the top and getting nothing done. It may sound a little intimidating but it’s an essential part of getting down to the good stuff.

Fins– These allow you to control your movement as you go through your under water adventure. Fins are for the fish and they’re for divers like you as well!

Gauges – You need to know how much air you have. Sort of essential.

Dive Computer – This lets you know how deep you’ve gone. It also lets you know how long you have been underwater and how long you can safely stay at the depth you are at. This information assists you in having a safe dive.

Torch – If you’re going deep enough for light to be scarce or diving in a darker area a torch will allow you to spot marine life more easily and help you know where you’re going.

Mask De-Fogger – So you’re down there, enjoying the beautiful fishies and swimming along. But then your mask starts to fog up, this can happen and may become a hindrance in continuing forward. We all know that our saliva is a free and natural way to help prevent mask fog. However, many find this technique somewhat off-putting so it’s probably a good idea to invest in a mask de-fogger if you’re in that category.




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