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The 2016 Detox: You Will Wonder Where You Got All This Energy January 28, 2016

Posted by Abingdon in General Ramblings.
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Ladies, it’s the time of year when resolutions are stacking, and like dishes in a sink, the more you stack, the more detrimental the potential mess is. I am telling you to AVOID THE MESS. Set organized achievable goals with an overarching theme. For 2016, I recommend a negative energy cleanse. This is not the type of cleanse that will get you drooling over a saltine cracker or wishing you didn’t buy the extra teatox bags. This is an emotion, stress, and relationship cleanse for self improvement.

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Negative energy can exist in spaces, people, and even unfinished tasks. There is no supreme/ultimate/quintessential/superlative way to escape this energy other than to strike the source.

What kind of thoughts does your living space make you think? If they aren’t creative, encouraging, or constructive, it is time to change up your crib. Add art to the walls, reposition your couch, or enlist the assistance of aromatherapy. A little color goes a long way! So don’t be afraid to buy all the ironic pillows you could possibly fit on your couch. 


Our friends, coworkers, and significant others have the weight to pull us towards negative or positive energy. We can’t control our friends, but we can choose to allow negativity in relationships or not. Combat negativity with positivity and pessimism with optimism. The scale of positivity and negativity is fluid, ever changing; meaning a friendship that began with a cynical foundation can eventually bloom into something supportive.

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Finish your list of projects in 2016! With each check mark, positive energy is released and you’ve taken a step toward the completion of a masterful year.

Ladies, let’s make 2016 the year you focus on yourself and bettering your own life. Forget about fad diets and work on accomplishing goals that are realistic and will genuinely make your life better.

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