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Major Aviation Events in 2017 December 27, 2017

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February: Women In Aviation Conference – Ladies, it’s time to celebrate being part of aviation. Though it’s a male dominated industry even today you could give yourself a pat on the back for being a successful part of it as a woman; in any capacity. This conference brings together strong women to find additional opportunities, work together, connect, and more. Plus, you get to be by Disney.


April: Sun N’ Fun – SUN ‘n FUN was created by a small group of dedicated aviation enthusiasts. The annual event, held in April, has grown into the second largest event of its kind in the world and is Florida’s largest annual convention. Hands on learning for all ages means sharpening your skills and increasing your aviation game is at your fingertips.


June: ModAero – “Engaging the next generation of aviation.”  MODAERO aims to replenish these source waters in order to once again grow GA by attracting the next generation of Aviation. This shows that aviation isn’t just for adults, isn’t just for men, it’s for every age and every gender. A must see event for those looking to inspire the next generation and up their game by creating a diverse group of industry connections.


June: Flight Attendant Show – This provides flight crew with the most cutting edge in safety technology and the newest in FA industry goings on. It’s a must see for cabin crew to be on top of their game and sharpen their skill set. Perhaps not the first on the list for a pilot but should one of the top three for flight attendants.


June: Canadian Women In Aviation – Women in aviation around the world deserve the proper recognition. This conference recognizes the women in aviation in Canada that have come together to help each other up, further education, and more. , WAI promotes public understanding of the accomplishments and contributions of women in aviation. This includes historic notables such as Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman, Eileen Collins, Jeana Yeager, Nicole Malachowski and many others.


July: 99’s International Conference – “The Ninety-Nines is the international organization of women pilots that promotes advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight.” Women standing together to help each other success is always going to be better than pushing one another down. The 99’s understand that and support women in aviation everywhere.


July: EAA Oshkosh Airventure – Filled dazzling displays of aerobatics, informative programs and hands-on workshops, diverse aircraft spanning all eras of flight, concerts to keep you rockin’ into the night, and much, much more. This is where adventure takes flight. It’s a must see for all pilots and aviation enthusiasts.


October: NBAA Business Aviation Conference – Ranked one of the six largest trade shows in the United States this is where the business of aviation hits the ground with thousands of professionals from around the country. Bringing together current and prospective aircraft owners, manufacturers, customers, and more. This is one you must see! You’ll get vital work accomplished with your peers, make new connections, and more.


October: Air Traffic Controller Conference – Aviation requires a team of capable, smart, and adventurous people to keep things running smoothly. Especially when we’re talking about who controls the traffic in the air. This is the conference where air traffic control comes together to network, see the latest in tech, and more.


Best Places To Aurora Borealis Hunt December 11, 2017

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The sky is often ablaze with beautiful sights such as colorful sunsets, breathtaking sunrises, eclipse moons, blood moons, and more. But perhaps one of the most beautiful sights of all that the sky has to offer are the aurora borealis. The unique colors and movement make for a once in a lifetime experience that’s worth the trip. If you want to check this off your travel list here are the places you should go:

Alaska Northern Lights – Probably the first thing you think of when going to see these beautiful lights in the sky. One of the most common places to go located right in the US! Alaska’s location within “the zone” means you’re almost guaranteed to see spectacular light displays. Be sure to move as far away from the city lights as possible to get the fullest experience.

Denmark Norwegian Sea Islands – Denmark is a beautiful country, filled with many historic locations to drink in. The lights at night is definitely on the list of to-do’s while in Denmark. North of Scotland between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, the Faroe Island archipelago is mostly known for puffins and Viking folklore.

Scotland Weather Break – This aurora shows up in varying shades of intense green, offering a very Scotish style to their location.  The British isles are known for stormy, foggy, and cloudy weather—far from ideal conditions for observing the sky, but on those rare occasions when thick cloud covers break momentarily it will the worth the wait as you’ll be able to see the lights in full glory.

Canada North of The Border – Pristine lakes, glamping, and other unique experiences surround your ability to see the lights in Canada.  Head to the town of Whitehorse within the Yukon Territory to best see the swirling lights.

Norway Polar Lights – The northern town of Tromsø teems with Aurora Borealis activity when those extended summer days are long gone. It’s located ideally above the arctic circle. It’s one of the top locations to see the lights because of the location and crystal clear viewing space. The town also boasts the world’s most northerly university, brewery, and planetarium. You can cruise Norway’s fjord-lined coast aboard a Hurtigruten ship and get wake-up calls to head out on the deck when the lights appear.

Sweden Blue Holes – Uniquely these lights move in a circular motion which is why they have the name blue holes. The area around Abisko in Swedish Lapland is scientifically proven to be an ideal viewing spot due to a unique micro-climate. So, there is no argument that this may have to he the number one spot to see those lights.


Holiday Celebrations All Around The World November 27, 2017

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Different cultures all over the world celebrate the holiday season in their own way. Celebrations are a fantastic example of culture, unity, and more. For a glimpse into the lives of others live in what feels like far away exotic lands, take a look at how they celebrate the holiday season:

1. Giant Lantern Festival, Philippines – This festival is a spectacle that attracts onlookers all over the globe. Eleven barangays (villages) take part in the Festival and competition is fierce as everyone pitches in trying to build the most elaborate lantern. Originally, the lantern creations were smaller made with origami paper and lit by a candle. Today the lanterns are huge in size, colorful and an extravagant show of creative spirit.


2. Gävle Goat, Sweden – Ever heard of a yule goat? Everyone in Sweden has. A large, sparkling goat is built in the castle square, lighting up the night for on-lookers. But the twinkling lights aren’t the only thing brightening the light sky. It’s tradition for on-lookers to attempt to burn it down. It’s successfully been burned down a total of 26 times – the most recent destruction was in 2013. If you want to see how the Goat fares this year when it goes up on December 1st, you can follow its progress on the Visit Gavle website through a live video stream.

3. Krampus, Austria – A little more on the intimidating side for holiday traditions. If you were a bad kid the punishment is far more intensive than a few lumps of coal in your stocking. St. Nicholas rewards nice little boys and girls, while Krampus is said to capture the naughtiest children and whisk them away in his sack.

4. Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner, Japan – In the states Kentucky Fried Chicken is a basic American fast food staple. But in Japan it’s a holiday tradition to fill up on the stuff for dinner — Christmas remains largely a novelty in the country.

5. The Yule Lads, Iceland – Troll like characters reign surprise in Iceland’s holiday traditions. The Yule Lads visit the children across the country over the 13 nights leading up to Christmas. They place their shoes outside the door and the naught kids get rotten potatoes and the good kids get some small gifts. Clad in traditional Icelandic costume, these fellas are pretty mischievous, and are known for getting into some trouble. But that’s what makes them fun for the locals.


6. Norway – Yet another tradition on the dark side of the holidays those in Norway hide in their bedrooms as it was once believed that witches would look in the homes of locals for brooms to ride on in the night. To this day many people still hide their brooms in the safest place in the house, to stop them being stolen.

7. Day of the Little Candles, Colombia -. In honor of the Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception, people place candles and paper lanterns in their windows, balconies and front yards.

Black Friday Shopping Tips: Which Abingdon Watch is Right For Her? November 6, 2017

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Black Friday is the ultimate opportunity to get the perfect gift at the perfect price. But don’t mess up the perfect gift part by not knowing exactly what to get for your wife, mother, sister or friend. A quality time piece is a wonderful gift for any woman… but the key is understanding what kind of watch best suits her individual needs. Don’t stress, here is the key to knowing exactly which Abingdon watch is best for your recipient.

Flight Girl: Ideal for pilots or flight attendants; our Amelia, Katherine, and Jackie are specifically made as aviation watches. This girl has a job that keeps her head in the clouds… literally! And tosses her from time zone to time zone. Which is why one of the aforementioned watches is deal. A dual time zone timepiece with date window on a beautiful face.  Classic stainless steel case with rotating bezel surrounded by a Cloud  croco leather strap. Complete with an E6B Flight Calculator to be your best backup to an instrument failure. With the ability to divide, multiply, convert currency or the standard to metric system, this is the original smart watch.


Under Sea Adventurer: You really wonder if this girl might be a mermaid. She spends her time under the water any chance she can get, diving, snorkeling, surfing, boating, whatever. Her soul belongs to the ocean which is why she needs our Marina. A dive watch designed by female dive masters and instructors over the course of 2 years, say hello to Marina. Under the elements of the deep sea or used as arm candy, Marina is both functionally sound at depths of 660ft and beautifully built with it’s luminous dial and lightweight titanium case. And because we know SCUBA divers travel the world seeking out the most remote locations looking for untouched waters, we included a world timer.

Travel Bunny: She probably needs a new passport because it’s starting to fill up. This girl is always on the go and loves to explore new places, see new cultures, and try new things. Novelty is her game. So we can promise she’ll love our Elise. Surrounded by a bi-directional rotating bezel always keeps you on course. The ultimate travel watch. Start daydreaming about where your travels will take you next.

8 Reasons To Go To DEMA October 9, 2017

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DEMA is a big deal for many reasons… and we understand that sometimes its easy to be on the fence about getting a ticket to a conference or expo. It can become an expense that feels like a gamble. Are you going to meet the right people? Are you going to have a fun time? Will the money feel “well spent?” These questions and more often float around people’s heads relentlessly when planning a trip to an expo. Rest assured this is an expo worth spending money on.

  1. The chance to be around fellow dive enthusiasts – Isn’t it fun to geek out about your passions with people who actually care? Welcome to a giant sea of people that love the same things you do. Hang out together and talk about your mutual passions and make new friends.
  2. You don’t want to be the only one NOT there – The DEMA Show is where anyone who is anyone in the industry will be. You don’t want to be on the “outside” do you?
  3. Good divers are always learning – As corny as it may sound, it’s true. If you want to become better at your craft or your passion then continuing education is one of the best ways to do it. There are learning opportunities for any kind of skill level or certification.
  4. International One-stop Shopping – The DEMA Show is the number one place to check out the latest and greatest products and services the industry has to offer. Whether you want to update your inventory with the newest high-tech gadgets and gear, learn about diving in Iceland, or just stay on top of the latest industry news.
  5. Ohhh, Ahhhh – The latest and greatest in technological advances are at this show. If you want the coolest and newest in techie dive gear, you can get it here.
  6. Bumming around the wrecks – With great diving right at your finger tips you can spend your spare time doing what you love: diving. Being with your people and with the sea? It doesn’t get any better than that.
  7. Size is impressive – Especially when it comes to how big this expo will be this year.  The more there is to see, the more you can enrich your dive experience. Who doesn’t want to be in a sea of dive booths?
  8. DEMA Awards party – Get your party on with other dive enthusiasts and drink like a fish. Dancing and drinks are always an excuse to go anywhere, right?


New Aviation Technology To Look Out For September 25, 2017

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New technology is exciting for any industry; it revolutionizes processes, creates new opportunities, and creates steps that make moving forward easier. Though some industries move at a pace that’s faster than others it doesn’t mean that there isn’t valid progress being made in technology in that field. The potential of using upgraded technology in planes, airport, and general travel is limitless. Here are just a few ways technology may begin to break into the aviation scene:


Blockchain Technology – Blockchain (here is a quick refresher of the definition of the technology from the guy who invented it:  an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.) has the ability to turn airline miles into something much more pervasive and valuable outside the defined boundaries of airlines and hands through their journey between airlines, airport, and more.

Drones – Though they are primarily in use for recreational or marketing purposes they could potentially serve many others as time goes on and things go through trial and error. A few o the ways in which many believe drones could be utilized in aviation is through air traffic control, pilot training, and more.

Augmented Reality – Yet another technology that’s gaining more ground but still on the cutting edge. A quick recap of augmented reality versus virtual reality: virtual reality creates a different world than the one you’re in. Augmented reality alters your current one by adding additional things to it.  The view is enhanced with information (sensory input, static and dynamic information sources, location, object and context awareness) and functionalities which could be applied on the airport ramp to support ground operations through the use of the AR technology.

Indoor positioning systems (Beacon technology) – Tracking moving objects with beacon tech is becoming more and more popular in mainstream industries. Like Tile that will help you find your keys. Think of a beacon on every piece of luggage, and more.

Best Dive Spots For Experienced Scuba Divers September 11, 2017

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You’re a pro at this, under the sea is where your soul belongs and when it comes to scuba diving this is not your first rodeo! It’s not our first rodeo either, so we often find ourselves trying to locate dive locations that challenge, ignite or otherwise excite experienced divers.

Cathedral Cove: Located in New Zealand in The Coromandel Peninsula, from beautiful Hahei Beach you can walk to the cove for incredibly easy access to one of your new favorite dive spots. With peak visibility being about 50 feet, expect to find kelp forests, playful sea lions, seals, rays, giant sea bass, black sea bass, some small ship wrecks and underwater arches during your explorations. So, in other words, it’s a picturesque place to enjoy a cove that ever diver or marine biologist would fall in love with.


Osprey Reef: Tropical North Queensland and pretty much any other extreme sport experience you could be looking for (bungee jumping, white water rafting, hang gliding and more). What makes the diving extreme in this reef is the shark life. Sharks are among the many marine life that inhabit this reef and make the dive unique. Located in Australia it’s part of one of their greatest barrier reef areas. The remoteness of Osprey Reef is a highlight in itself, where you will often find yourself far removed from anything that isn’t wet and colorful.


HTMS Sattakut Wreck: Koh Tao is a popular place to check getting your Open Water Certification off your bucket list. The “Sattakut” is the ex Thai Navy boat HTMS Sattakut, kindly donated to Koh Tao by a consortium that includes The Department of Marine and Costal Resources and the Royal Thai Navy. The boat has an abundance of marine life that will keep you visually stimulated through the entire dive. The shallowest part of the dive is at 18 meters sand the deepest is 27 meters only for PADI Wreck Specialist divers.


Blue Hole in Belize: The shaft sinkhole might just be the most dangerous cave dive on the planet. At the beginning of this dive, the diver must take off their equipment in order to get through a man hole which is just too small to accommodate both them and their equipment. Guess you better not be claustrophobic! Even though the Great Blue Hole is considered a must-dive, one should be aware that it is not for divers of all skill levels – a prerequisite is logging more than 24 dives. It is also not a ‘colourful dive’, instead, divers witness a dark cave with impressive stalactites. Sometimes the water is crystal clear and lends to some marine life… but for the most part it’s a dark dive.


The Temple of Doom: Also named Calavera, which means skull, because the three holes on the roof gives the impression of being inside a skull. The combination of dark passageways and intricate tunnels, can cause divers to become disorientated and lost; and this leads to extreme difficulty if you’re not experienced enough. But, it’s one for the books.



Extreme Sports You Have To Try At Least Once {It’s Time To Be Brave, Ladies!} August 14, 2017

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Sky Diving – Go ahead and take the leap. Not only will you love the adrenaline rush, you will be creating a memory that lasts a life time. (Plus the street cred, let’s not forget about the street cred.) Jumping out of a plane is a unique experience you’ll be happy you did. Plus, you’ll have a pro there with you to guide you through your first time.

White Water Rafting – Hanging out in an inflatable raft in unpredictable currents yield some serious team work with the pros and the other people on the raft. So, if you’re a team player this might the an extreme sport that you’ll love. Rafters risk hitting sharp rocks, unexpected steep waterfalls, and being thrown from the raft. Hang on tight!

Ice Climbing – If you like a challenge and live near some frigid temperatures give ice climbing a try. Scaling up massive ice formations either on frozen waterfalls or snow covered mountains can be a huge rush, but please have a pro with you!

Mountain Biking – Riding a bicycle is easy enough… on flat ground, right? Well, when you have uneven terrain and hills with unknown drops it can become a terrifying experience to run the hidden pine trails for the forest. Don’t forget to wear your helmet, forest child.

Cliff Diving – Beach bum with a wild side? You’ll love cliff diving. And we’re not talking about jumping off a big rock at your local swim hole. We’re talking cliffs that get up to 65 feet high. At those heights water can feel like concrete… so there isn’t much room for error. PS. You don’t wear special gear. Just your average swim suit!

Free Climbing – This is where you climb a rock formation without any type assistance beyond your climbing harness. This is something suggested only for experienced climbers. If you happen to fall the only thing that’s going to save you is the safety rope and clips anchored to the rock. If you think there “ain’t no mountain high enough” then this one is for you.

Bungee Jumping – Do you have what it takes to free fall with only a plastic rope fixed to your ankles to break the fall? The answer is yes. If you have what it takes to take the plunge you’ll have a near out of body experience to talk about to your friends… plus an awesome experience you’ll remember for life.


Travel Hacks To Make Packing Easier July 31, 2017

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If you’re planning for a weekend getaway or even a few months of travel time, packing is typically what most people don’t like having to do. And, it can feel like a total ordeal. What if you forget something important? What if you don’t have room? What are you supposed to even bring? Stop stressing. We’ve got your back with a few hacks that will make your time packing fly by and save you from a few common packing headaches.

Tangled Jewelry No More! It’s time to feel like your favorite necklaces wont get tangled in your perfect earrings. Avoid the tangling problem by using press and seal plastic wrap. Put the jewelry in between two pieces and voila! Jewelry that stays put in transit. Another tip, use a daily pill organizer for rings.

Banish wrinkles by putting clothing that’s prone to wrinkling in dry cleaning bags and proceed to pack and fold as normal. Don’t forget to check the weather at your destination(s)! It might be hot or cold or both so pack accordingly by looking at the weather forecast.

To save space try rolling the clothes that are wrinkle resistant.  By rolling them you’re saving more space in your suitcase. If you’re worried about the dirty soles of shoes touching clean clothing put them in a shower cap to leave a layer of distance between the two.

Find The Ultimate List! If you don’t want to forget something there are tons of awesome notebooks online that are prefilled with a list of every possible thing you may need on your vacation for both genders.

Bring a mesh bag for dirty laundry. That way if it gets dirty or smells it can be separated from the rest of the clothing that hasn’t been worn yet. And, it can be an easy way to keep your clothes off the hotel floor. We’re not saying we doubt the cleanliness of a nice establishment, but sometimes it’s best to be safe rather than sorry if you’re a bit of a neat freak!

Start packing early and do a little bit day by day until only the essential daily’s are left then just get it done. Not only does this take the stress off of doing it all in one day but chances are you may even get it done early.


Ultimate List of Scuba Diving Essentials July 17, 2017

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It’s getting hot out there! Which means it’s time to start hitting up your favorite summer water activities like scuba diving! Scuba diving isn’t just something you can run out and do… like running. It’s a water adventure that takes preparation, planning, and the proper equipment to have a successful dive. Don’t dive into the life of scuba until you have all the tools you need to have fun under the sea.

Abingdon Dive Watch – This one is a no brainer.

Scuba Style – Find a scuba outfit you really love. Style doesn’t have to stop in the water. If you like how you look it only adds to the fun of the whole experience, and it’s an easy way to personalize your dive. A suit you love and a mask you can call your own. Don’t forget your wet suit shampoo!

Sunblock – Before you get in the sea you have to be out on the boat. Just because you’ll spend time under water don’t underestimate the time that you’ll be spending in the sun. Just remember to protect the sea life and find products that are eco friendly!

Dry Bag – Valuables that aren’t water proof or water resistant and need to be protected will be safe in a good dry bag. They range in size so you can bring a lot or only a few of your most important things. The thick, strong material also adds to the feeling that your belongings are being protected.

Log Book – If you’re an experienced diver or this isn’t your first time then chances are you want to document your adventure. Record the location of your dive, the purpose, the tropical fish and more. Not only is this a great way to remember your trip it’s a great way to calculate your current qualifications or up coming goals to get more.

Regulator – A demand valve supplies air whenever you want to take a breath via the mouthpiece. You will also have a second demand valve – known as an octopus – which you or your buddy can use as an alternative air source. The regulator is attached by a hose to an air cylinder that you wear on your back.

Buoyancy Compensation Device – This is a streamlined jacket connected via an inflator hose to your air cylinder. At the surface, enough air can be injected into the jacket to keep you afloat while, underwater, small amounts of air can be added and adjusted so that you are neither rising or sinking – this is known as neutral buoyancy.

Weight belt/integrated weights – This helps you descend instead of accidentally floating to the top and getting nothing done. It may sound a little intimidating but it’s an essential part of getting down to the good stuff.

Fins– These allow you to control your movement as you go through your under water adventure. Fins are for the fish and they’re for divers like you as well!

Gauges – You need to know how much air you have. Sort of essential.

Dive Computer – This lets you know how deep you’ve gone. It also lets you know how long you have been underwater and how long you can safely stay at the depth you are at. This information assists you in having a safe dive.

Torch – If you’re going deep enough for light to be scarce or diving in a darker area a torch will allow you to spot marine life more easily and help you know where you’re going.

Mask De-Fogger – So you’re down there, enjoying the beautiful fishies and swimming along. But then your mask starts to fog up, this can happen and may become a hindrance in continuing forward. We all know that our saliva is a free and natural way to help prevent mask fog. However, many find this technique somewhat off-putting so it’s probably a good idea to invest in a mask de-fogger if you’re in that category.